Plant and Tree Texture Replacements #1 + Church Stuff – Sims 4 CC

These are default texture replacements for some plants/trees with a few random church themed CC on the side. These aren’t perfect (especially the walls, they aren’t seamless oop), BUT hopefully, they’re still useful.

Some Info: The bench (2446 ploys) and Overgrown Rose Bush (12174 polys) are meshes from turbosquid and archive3d. They may or may not work on settings lower than high, sorry about that.

Requirements (No idea what plants are from what EP/SP, so imma use the lot requirements) and if you want the lot here ya go~

➡️ Download these retextures here!: Plant Retextures, Church Stuff

* There were other plants/trees that I edited but they didn’t work :/ here are the files if you wanna try to fix them:  broken plants

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