MEGA x2 Pack! “31″ Fantasy Themed Animations: Elemental Warfare (TS4)

This animation set is a part of my Get me to 500 subs “campaign” in which I’ll be handing out animation packs like candy to get me to this goal by New Years!

Enjoy these fantasy-themed animations (They’re a little glitchy), most of them are EA animation edits so props to EA ;3

Also, an animation is missing from the vid: Struck by Lightning


◆ A little info: 

  • This is NOT a series.
  • Elemental Warfare is a TV Show that’s popular in the Leech universe.
  • It follows a Princess (Cecilia Belmont) and her esteem cleric (Yumi Sato) as they fight to defend their kingdom.

Voice Credits:



And a special shout-out to Ally cause she was gonna originally film the basic animation clips for me 🙂

Download here

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