I’ve been rather quiet lately (sorry about that!), but I just remembered that I had more pics of Whitestone Castle to spam share, so! Out of Lurking Mode it is.

The first four shots are of the room right after the castle’s grand entrance, which I’ve turned into a fancy foyer of sorts. It’s pretty spacious and at first I was considering making it the living room, but somehow that didn’t feel right. Probably because of all those doors and arches that lead everywhere. So the room became a foyer (which also doubles as a music room, because why not).

The next four pics are of the dining room that’s connected with my new foyer. And what a lavish dining room it is! I must admit though, I snagged some ideas from @jodeliejodelie and @kacicka777 for this one; little wonder then it turned out so pretty! 😀 It goes out to the cloister garth (one of my favorite parts of the castle, if you remember) and that’s what the last pic is of. I didn’t change anything about it apart from adding a well, but figured I could throw that pic in as a little bonus.

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