how to fix pose player and sim teleporter for the time being.

the most recent patch for The Sims 4 has caused the game to stop displaying lines of text in relation to custom objects and mods. although the Sims Team is working on another patch to fix this issue, I’m still going to present you a temporary workaround so you can at least use some of your essentials. this solution is based on a thread post of SimGuruGraham himself, which you can check out here.

find the mod that you want to fix in your Mods folder, in case you’re looking forward to fixing Pose Player and Sim Teleporter, look for these files:

  • “andrew_poseplayer.package“
  • “MTS_Scumbumbo_TeleportAnySim.package“

now open the mod in Sims 4 Studio, after you did so it should look like this:


click on the String Table entry with the USA flag to its left. now change the very first number of the Group value from an 8 to a 0 so you end up with a chain of eight zeros.

most mods are in English and mostly rely on this very String entry, but if your game uses another language than English, I advice you to do the same with the String entry with the flag according to your language.

save and you should be done!

For anyone who needs this


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